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Designed to help visitors to Scotland find and connect with the best accommodation, attractions, activities, experiences, live events and services locally or further afield, while connecting, promoting and marketing local businesses through-out Scotland.
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The Leaflet Box
? Covid-19 touch point
? No reciprocation
? No real time information
? No up-to-date reviews
? Do they tell the whole story?
? Limited attractions
? No idea where guests are going
? Environmentally friendly
Guest Concierge
Our bespoke concierge service is designed to give your customers or guests a more unique personalised service built around your activities needs and requirements giving the visitors the complete WOW factor, while showcasing your amenities to the max.
The smARt explorer Guest Concierge
All relevant hotel/guest information
Info direct to guests phone (no covid touch points)
Book Now button
Save your staff and guests time
Lower complaints
Hotel promotions
Restaurant promotions
Business suite promotions
360 VR video experience
Personal VIP tours
Local trusted services
Real-time information
Group Promotions
No large initial investment
Our unique bespoke service is cleverly designed to showcase your establishment and your amenities from anywhere on the smARt explorer introducing the ability for visitors and tourists arriving in Scotland to find, explore and book your amenities instantly anytime, any place, anywhere, while at the same time giving your guests all your info and amenities direct to the palm of their hands.
Why would you waste a lot of time, effort and money on a system which gives you nothing back in return?
Individual Hotel Concierge
Substantial initial investment
No reciprocation
Long set-up times
Stand alone system
You have to add all the content
No local or national integrated network
Bringing it all together
Physical Awareness
In view - no matter where the visitor joins
Integration system
2-way network
Creates a new demographic
Introduces a wider reach
Combined organic growth
Seen with-in a couple of swipes
Relevant, reliable, trusted
Bringing everything together creates a very powerful 2-way network enabling visitors to see all the best accommodation, attractions, amenities and live events, while still giving each company the opportunity to create a unique customised concierge promoting their own specific facilities, amenities and in-house events.
"The smARt explorer" then allows us the ability to use the analytics and see excactly where the tourists are coming and going from, giving us a unique edge when it comes to the marketing.
With our collaborative marketing we can then roll out campaigns introducing much larger content and interesting stories than as all doing it individually.
More importantly we can spark visitors imaginations and push them in the right directions, all brought together on one very simple to use guide.
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