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Art Rental Term's and Condition's

Rental Period
  • Minimum 6 month contract

  • Maximum 12 month renewable contract (renewable on mutual agreement of client, artist or consignee, and The Global Art Company)

  • A valid credit card is required on file for individual renters.

  • All renters will be granted a seven day grace period after the expiry date shown on the rental agreement to return the works rented.

  • If at the end of business on the seventh day in the grace period the works have not been returned, Art Rental and Sales will consider this explicit consent from the renter to automatically renew the rental contract for an additional one month period under the same terms and conditions of the rental agreement and the rental return policy, starting the day following the expiry date on the previous rental contract.
Rental Fees
  • Fees calculated at 10% of selling Price of original
  • Minimum Rental Fee £50/mth
Delivery and Installation
  • The Global Art Company will arrange delivery and professional installation of artwork. The Global Art Company is responsible for all costs associated with transport and installing.
  • Delivery and Installation Fees will be as agreed included within your monthly fee.

  • Client/Lessee is invoiced for the full period of the Agreement (which is 6 months minimum). Post–dated cheques are required before the delivery of the artwork.
  • Installation and Delivery are charged separately and must be paid in advance.
Rental Agreement and Insurance
  • After finalizing the selection of artworks, The Global Art Company requires the Client/Lessee to provide insurance coverage on the artworks rented. Artworks are then placed on a contract (Agreement).
  • The Client (or Lessee) assumes all risks for the work (other than the natural deterioration of the work) once it is in their possession.
  • Artwork must be insured for 100% of the value of each work.
Sale of Artwork
  • Up to 6 months rental payments may be applied to purchase price.
  • If a buyer is interested in purchasing the artwork, The Global Art Company will notify the artist together will negotiate the final sale.
  • The Global Art Company must be paid the full negotiated sale price prior to the artwork being 
delivered to the venue/lessee premises.
  • Employees wishing to buy artwork rented by their business or company may 
deduct up to three months rental payments from the purchase price.
  • If artwork is sold to a third party buyer during the run of a rental agreement 
The Global Art Company will replace the artwork of a similar kind.
  • All works listed in the contract/agreement are the property of the Artist until they have been purchased and The Global Art Company has been paid in full for these works.
Condition of Artwork
  • The Global Art Company will ensure that artwork supplied is in a condition ready for display.
  • All works shall remain in a state of good repair while in possession of the Client/Lessee.
Damage of Artwork
  • The Client/Lessee will be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by client negligence including breakage of glass.
  • The Client/Lessee shall contact The Global Art Company immediately to notify if damage occurs. The Artist must consent to any restorations or repairs in writing.
  • The renter is liable for all loss, damage or theft of the rented artwork.
  • Client shall not alter the rented artwork in any way.
Artist's Copyright
  • All rights reserved. No part of any artwork may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, digital, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior permission of the artist.
Expiry of Agreement and Return of Artwork
  • Prior expiry of Agreement, The Global Art Company will contact the client regarding the renewal of the Agreement or a changeover of art selection. Arrangements can be made in order to assist in return of the artworks.