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"Championing local, sustainable quality food & drink from Lanarkshire"
Lanarkshire, in the heart of Scotland, has a long and proud heritage. Since the 12th Century, the sheltered, fertile soil of the Clyde Valley has produced rich pickings and the area remains a major force in Scotland’s food and drink industry.
"Meat & Poultry"
The fertile land covering much of Lanarkshire has helped create outstanding meat and poultry. Producers from South and North Lanarkshire pride themselves in the quality and sustainability of their produce. Meet some of the quality beef, lamb, venison and poultry producers sourced from the region.
"Dairy Products"
Lanarkshire is renowned for its rich grazing pastures which means quality sheep and cow’s milk which is used to produce fantastic cheeses and flavoured milk shakes. Much of the regions milk goes into making some of the country’s best ice cream.
"Fruit & Veg"
The Clyde Valley, once the fruit basket of Scotland is beginning to bear fruit once again. With only a few commercial fruit producers left in the area, the fruit now finds its way to numerous local shops and farmers' markets. Nothing tastes better than locally grown fruit and vegetables.
"Drinks & Alcohol"
Lanarkshire has a variety of small and medium-sized businesses offering an array of fantastic world-class drinks. Craft brewers, unique micro gin distillers and rum producers can all be found throughout the region.
Lanarkshire is home to some of the most innovative family-run bakeries in Scotland, producing a diverse range of hand-crafted breads, cakes and patisseries using locally-sourced ingredients. Fresh, daily produce baked using traditional methods offers visitors to the region all the yumminess of a true bakery experience.
"The Larder"
Throughout Lanarkshire creative producers are passionate about producing quality produce, often using the best of locally sourced produce. Quality jams and preserves, innovative chocolate makers, locally-grown tea and so much more.
"Farm Shops & Retail"
Farm shops and local, quality food outlets are growing in popularity as the place to buy and try locally-sourced Scottish produce. The benefits of shopping here include access to in-season quality fresh food, reduced carbon footprints, the preservation of regional specialities, and an enhanced level of choice for consumers.
"Cafes, Restaurants & Hotels"
Lanarkshire is famed for its natural larder and you don’t have to travel far to find incredible dishes, drinks and produce on offer using locally-sourced produce. Freshly-baked bread, local meats, cheeses, and soft fruit help create fantastic food and drink eating experiences.
"All Lanarkshire Larder Members"
Boasting an enviable variety of quality, local meat, dairy and fruit & veg. Visitors to Lanarkshire can discover our wonderful larder at our bakeries, butcher shops, farms shops, delis, cafes and restaurants.
"Catering & Education"
Education in food and drink is important. We want Lanarkshire's young people to know where their food comes from and how it affects their health, the environment and the economy.
Quality catering companies that actively use locally sourced and sustainable produce and collaborate with many of our members.
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