Activities in Scotland
"Adventures always at your fingertips"
Whether you are thinking of sightseeing in Scotland, looking for the best beaches in Scotland or perhaps you want to find the best family activities Scotland has to offer you can quickly find and select from over 3,500 listings within a couple of clicks. So what are you waiting for..... go explore Scotland at it’s best.
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From as little as £36 a month "the smARt concierge" is designed to help your guests make the best use of your in-house facilities and services whilst providing them with an abundance of local information to enhance their visit and make the most of their valuable time.
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#Always in the Palm of your Hands
"the smARt concierge" for accommodation providers is designed to help their guests make the best use of their in-house facilities and services whilst providing them with an abundance of local information to enhance their visit and make the most of their valuable time.
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"Please find below a few "live" examples of "The smARt concierge" and the many ways it can be used to help your visitors
The old School House Apartment The Eletric Bar Fuaran Self Catering Lanarkshire Larder Braemar Highland Games Centre Peterhead Prison Museum Close
Please find below a quick overview, information, benefits and reasons why you should install your very own
"smARt concierge"
Concierge Ovrview Your Business Your Customers Key Benefits Installation Marketing
"Always in the palm of your hand"
Instant access to all the important infomation
Local emergency numbers instantly on their phone
Your business in their hands 24/7
Save your guests and visitors valuable time
Introduction videos, images and messages
Personally welcome your guests, even if you're not there
See promotions, events and offers
Browse menu's, book direct
Promote your local favourite hidden gems, walks, views, wildlife, etc
Promote your local community (all activities added to the explrer)
Instant, easy access to all your social media networks
Create the experience YOU would want to have
Promote TRUST - introduce your preferred taxi numbers
Introduce RELAXATION - everything your guest will need with them 24/7
Spark IMAGINATION - 1000's of activities, attractions and events at their fingertips
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It's all about "Your Business"
Promote your business even when your closed.
We can introduce and promote you even if you don’t have a website.
Become part of a larger community.
Introduce a new demographic as we promote “your local area” and other local businesses and amenities.
Become part of our 2-way collaborative network allowing different businesses to see you while promoting the local area.
Create both an offline and online presence.
Have your business already in the forefront of visitors minds as they come to explore your town.
Save you and your staff time.
Promote any of your/local live events, sales, offers.
Analytics - Know your numbers.
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It's all about "The Experience"
Give visitors, guests and even passers by the opportunity to see all you have to offer, when you are too busy or even closed
Instant access to all the important information.
Info - Transport, Bins, Central Heating, Numbers, etc.
Saving your visitors and guests valuable time.
Your business now in their hands 24/7 on their phone.
Introduction videos, images, messages.
Book Direct, browse menu’s.
See Promotions, Events, Offers.
Promote your local favourite Hidden Gems, walks, views, wildlife.
Promote your local area ( all activities added to the explorer).
No need for long URL’s or remembering Web addresses.
Easy access to all your social media networks.
Instant connection with EVERYTHING you have to offer.
Create the experience you would want to have.
Trust, relaxation, spark imagination.
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"Bringing it all together"
“The smARt explorer” is designed to give your customers or guests a more unique personalised service built around your activities needs and requirements giving the visitors the complete WOW factor, while showcasing your amenities to the max.
Environmentally friendly.
No Covid-19 touch points.
Increased organic growth.
Promote your business 24/7.
Create an online & offline presence.
Promote the local community & amenities.
Multi level engagement and promotion.
Collaborative marketing to achieve wider and deeper reach.
Provides relevant, reliable and trusted recommended services.
Increases your community involvement and credibility.
New NFC scan technology.
No long term contracts.
No large investments.
“Integrating and bringing together local amenities, businesses, activities and events allows your exposure to increase as your visitors experiences increases.
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Simply place the unique “logo image” in a place for your visitors and guests to scan
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Turnkey solution.
Complete stand alone system.
Infrastructure is already there.
Instant installation.
No personal details required.
No 3rd parties required.
No on-site installations.
We do all the design, work.
GDPR compliant.
No mess, no stress.
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It's incredibly difficult but increasingly important to get recognised and to get to a point where you are seen by potential customers online as well as promoting and creating physical awareness.
Marketing Individually
? Where do you advertise?
? Who do you target?
? You need to create all your own content
? You need to build up all your own numbers
With our unique integrated system and collaboration we will be promoting from multiple channels with many different groups, areas, subjects and events as well as indivudual pushes.
This introduces a strong virtual foundation and increases your awareness in many different areas attracting new visitors you may have missed working alone.
Marketing Together
Virtual Awareness
Create a wider reach
Seen by a new demographic
Get tagged onto a large platform
Much more for your budget
More exposure
More importantly we can see where and what the visitors are looking at and we can built up and picture with the analytics and find out important information of where the visitors are coming and going.
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Who are you and what do you do? 
The Global Art Company is one of the UK's leading art rental suppliers specialising in providing a full comprehensive art rental service for residential and corporate clients, from consultation to installation. This allows you to attain a stunning collection of art on a rental basis without the need to purchase or maintain a permanent art collection. 

Where is your company based? 
We are based in London and Glasgow. We service businesses all across the globe both Corporate and Residential. 

What can be rented? 
You can choose from a wide range of original artwork and prints to suit all tastes and preferences. We offer a large portfolio in excess of 7,000 artworks with a value of £8.5 million each of which can be framed to compliment your unique situation. All our collections are well detailed on the gallery and can also be downloaded as an example from the website. Our curators will work closely with you in choosing a suitable collection to suit your decor and your company needs. 

What happens during a consultation? 
During a consultation a portfolio of artworks can be made available to you, we will provide you with digital examples and full size example prints if requested. We will evaluate your needs, answer all questions and suggest a suitable art collection. 

Do you charge for consultations? 
We provide this service free of charge for you. 

What rental terms are available? 
We have a short term and a long term rental programs designed to fit in with your required situation. 

What costs are involved? 
During you consultation you will be given an exact price structure. Costs vary according to the amount of art chosen and the time period but we do offer the best art rates in the UK and more importantly a stress free professional service. 

Can I change any of the artworks chosen?
Yes. You can change any artworks you feel are not working for your decor at any time during your rental term. 

What about delivery and installation?
We will deliver and install all the art you have chosen. Our art consultants will install the art to your satisfaction and help with any changes that may need to be made.
We can also install artworks outside of business hours if requested. 

Can I purchase any of the artworks?
Yes. All artwork may be purchased any time during your rental agreement. 

Do you have a bricks and mortar gallery?
No. Most of our clients request an on-site consultation due to busy work schedules and with the vast number of artworks we offer it would be almost impossible to display them all. We do however have pop up galleries in hotels through-out the year and we would be happy to advise you on where and when. 

Can I request a copy of your terms and conditions?
Yes. A consultant will advise you during your on-site consultation of our terms and conditions. 

Are there any hidden charges?
No. We operate a very honest professional service. 

What geographical areas do you service?
We work throughout the UK and Europe and have our own art consultants, framers and installers covering 72 countries throughout the world. 

What customer guarantee do you offer?
We are customer orientated and guarantee your rental term will not commence until you are completely satisfied with your choice of art and level of our service. You can also change any artworks you feel are not working for your decor at any time during your rental term. 

The best way to arrange a consultation?
Click the link below to request a callback or a free no obligation consultation.

Click on the images below to see how The Global Art Company can help you


or just press the button to E-mail
Telephone 07850 034 852
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Please note all prices outlined on the gallery are retail prices.
Please get in touch to discuss our trade discounts and bulk purchasing options