There are many ways in which a well thought-out art collection can help to create a dynamic working environment and enhance a company’s image. The Global Art Company has created one of the most prestigious galleries and art services helping our corporate clients build, manage and realise their art collections.

  • Good design and appropriate art in the workplace motivates employees and leads to greater job satisfaction and productivity
  • Art is a valuable tool in building product and brand awareness - the right art strategy can clarify and help to reinforce corporate identity
  • Art collections can be used to promote the activities of an organisation to a wider audience
  • Community-based arts projects can be organised to strengthen local links
  • On-going investment in an art collection can be financed through PR and marketing budgets and justified through returns made in these areas

Artwork for offices and internal meeting rooms is usually acquired from stock, whereas work for more public spaces, such as receptions and foyers, and external pieces will often be site-specific and commissioned with a view to fulfilling PR and marketing objectives or the intentions of an architect or interior designer.

Tailored to Suit your Budget

Purchasing artwork doesn't need to break the bank. Our corporate services can be used to fill an office floor, or an individual room. Our prices are competitive, and all works can be purchased.

Supporting your Artists

The GAC curators select top new talent from all around the World. When you work with The Global Art Company, you'll be directly supporting these talented artists and helping their practice evolve.






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