No fee to exhibit on the gallery 
You decide what price you want for your work
Commission % set to suit each individual artist
No exclusivity contract
It’s your gallery change your work at anytime
Free Exposure to our worldwide hotel clients

    The Global Art Company is one of the most prestigious online galleries and we have an ever expanding worldwide corporate client base which offers you the opportunity to promote your work on the largest of worldwide stages. We undertake to exhibit, promote & sell your portfolio, allowing you more time to concentrate on your art.

    We are always looking for talented artists to join our team, we at Global Art know the difficulties of standing out in this ever increasingly difficult world and for this reason we are only looking for a select few from each major city, area of interest and subject, this will give each artist every opportunity and an equal chance to sell their originals and/or prints and it also stops the gallery getting filled with 100’s of the same paintings and photographs, this keeps the gallery fresh and exciting with a fantastic and varied range of quality art - unique for websites nowadays.

    Our pro-active approach brings proven results. We are in constant contact with hotel chains, corporate clients, restaurants, architects, interior designers through-out Europe and beyond where we are selling original paintings for our clients foyer and reception areas, to large print runs for hallways, bedrooms and offices.

    We are continuously speaking to the major decision makers from large hotel chains to independent country hotels and in the process of selling our art to hotels world wide.

    High street galleries are localised to their area and are reliant on the public walking into their gallery before they even see your art, let The Global Art Company put your artwork in front of the correct people and leave nothing to chance.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call on
    +44 (0) 7850 034 852
    or E-mail

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