Wanting to sell or change your Art

Selling your Art

Welcome to The Global Art Company, here we have the best platform to view, purchase and sell art, this is the ideal place for you if you require an outlet to exhibit or sell your art.
From a single piece to a large collection we have galleries, dealers and collectors from all over the world using The Global Art Company as their point of contact for buying, exhibiting and selling art.
Please feel free to have a browse through the gallery and enjoy the artwork from our great artists and photographers from around the world all brought together here at The GAC.
We at The Global Art Company have created one of the most prestigious galleries and art services helping everybody to build, manage and realise their art collections.
  1. - Anonymously exhibit and sell your art hassle free on The Global Art Company gallery page.
  2. - Or create your own wish list to exhibit, discuss and sell your paintings in your own gallery.
  3. - Send and share your own paintings and photographs through E-mail and Facebook.
  4. - We will help with any exhibition, promotion and sale of your art work and make sure your paintings are put in-front of the right buyers for you to get the right price for your art.
  5. - We will be more than happy to set up the personal gallery for you and help you with your every need.
  6. - We at The Global Art Company will be happy help you regarding all areas of the process - selling your art, framing your art, courier service, buying new art.


If you have any questions regarding selling your art
please do not hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0) 7850 034 852
or E-mail
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