"How to impress your hotel guests with new technology direct to the palm of their hands"

“The travel industry is moving towards an increasingly connected future in which platforms, personalisation and integrated technology play a central role. Predictions for the near future are a wake up call for all incumbent businesses.” Pace Dimensions.

With travel and tourism continuing to be a high growth industry and the increase of digitisation, the level of competition is becoming greater. To take full advantage of this and to stand out from the crowd, digital readiness will be the greatest differentiator amongst the competition.

“Over the coming decade from 2016-2025, the digitisation of aviation, travel and tourism is expected to create up to $305 billion in industry value. This will come from increased productivity of people and assets, increased demand for personalised products and services and new efficiencies from sharing models.” Pace Dimensions.

So, the important question is not if your business will change, but how?

Did you know that one in five hotel bookings made in the second half of 2016 was booked using a smartphone and smartphone ownership is now above 70% in the UK?

Recent research by Google shows that the amount of time being spent on researching trips using mobile devices is on the rise. Travellers are now using their phones for very specific detailed research before making any bookings. With visit session times shrinking and conversion rates rising by nearly 10% on mobile travel sites, the conclusion is that if travellers don’t find the relevant information quickly enough they are moving on to another site or app.

Customer Expectations

With the rise of this digital era, consumers are being more empowered every day. With limitless information and their fingertips they are able to make informed decisions before making the ultimate purchasing decision. All of this results in high customer expectations.

User Experience (or UX) is now the key to customer retention and positive recommendation and an important part of creating the best user experience is creating trust in your brand and services, personalisation and ease of fulfillment.

In an era where the choice is endless and customers are very aware of the possibility of being cheated, established brands can be successful by making the decision making and buying journey straight forward for their customers.

“Customers are becoming accustomed to controlling their life from the palm of their hand, from their smartphone. The expectation of being able to do that in other parts of their life should carry through to travel, either on business or for leisure.” Chris Silcock EVP & CCO, Hilton

New Concierge Technology

"The smARt explorer" has been designed using the latest mobile technology which enables hotels to create a personalised concierge service and creating the unforgettable experience. The web app also provides relevant important information saving the hotel guests precious time, effort and money. Promoting trust between the hotel and their guests,

It is important to create that special experience that reflects the nature of your establishment and the memories your guests go home with. With this in mind as our primary focus “the smARt explorer” was put together to becoming one of the most important apps on your guests phone whilst travelling for business or pleasure.

"The smARt explorer" is relevant, reliable and time saving for the guests, as well as a powerful promotional tool providing seamless interaction between the Hotel, the guests and all the recommended activities and attractions creating a dynamic 2 way network.

"The smARt explorer takes the place of the traditional leaflet stand. The leaflets can be an outdated source of information almost the minute they go to print. "The smARt explorer" has the latest information on all of these attractions and can be easily booked at the press of a button.

"The smARt explorer" is a mobile, fully interactive version of the touchscreen concierge booths which an be found in some hotel lobbies. Whilst touchscreen hotel concierge’s are big big business at the present time, I feel we are taking all the positives from the digital technology and taking it to the next level by simple putting it onto the guests phones.

Creating a Personalised Experience for your Hotel Guests at the Touch of a Button

Getting "the smARt explorer" couldn’t be easier for hotels. There is no hardware installation, no integration with existing hotel computer systems, no staff training and ultimately no set up costs.

With the app image recognition technology and geo-location the only installation is to put our logo on the hotel door for guests to scan as they come in.

The explorer is a bespoke solution designed for each hotel, with all the amenities, local activities and attractions, recommended to suit your hotels needs giving the guests the personalised stay of a lifetime.

To find out how "the smARt explorer" can help to impress your hotel guests visit OUR WEBSITE for more information. Or why not book a demo

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