Quick Overview
"Always in the palm of their hands"
“The smARt explorer” a unique digital tourism concierge, has been designed for the mobile phone making it refreshingly easy for visitors to find, explore and visit attractions, activities and amenities in Scotland, while at the same time introduce a clever unique 2-way network enabling your activities, walks and events to be seen 24/7 no matter where the tourists are visiting
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Your amenities in the tourists pockets 24/7
✔  Incredible exposure - Bring a full demographic from all walks of life
✔  2-way Networking
✔  Help staff with visitor requests
✔  Provides instant information
✔  Information even when your activities are closed, or unstaffed
✔  Promotional - Let everyone using "the smARt explorer" see your events
✔  Analytics
Installation - Turnkey solution
✔  Complete stand alone system
✔  No staff training required
✔  All fully automated
✔  100% secure (no personal details)
✔  Minimal set up time
✔  No 3rd party hardware
✔  No mess, no stress
✔  No set up fees
✔  Environmentally friendly - communication without leaflets
For your visitors "the smARt explorer” will bring together all your significant information, recommended activities and events, while eliminating all the other irrelevant noise to create that unbelievable experience and becoming one of the most important Apps on their phone whilst visiting Scotland..
✔  Relevant
✔  Reliable
✔  Real time information
✔  Instant booking
✔  Creates awareness
✔  Simplicity
✔  Designed for the phone - no need to type long URL's
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