The painter was born 1960. in Valjevo, Serbia. He has been engaged in art since his early childhood. He gained his art education at a art school of  Novi Sad. He has visits to the Louvre and Museum of impresionists 1981. His paintings have been exhibited since 1979.

    His paintings are in many private collections throughout the world, in the National Museum, Belgrade the Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad and the Parliament of Austria, Vienna.
    Since 1996. historian of art, president of Yugoslavie section Inter - etnik society of fine arts critikque (AICA), Prof. dr Katarina Ambrozich has organized and opened three of his independents exhibitions and to cataloques 1999. She writing: “ ETHIDE TO HOMELAND LANDSCAPE  -  Since this earlu youth Zoran Andrich has been amazed by the mill on the river Gradac in Valjevo. It represents the genesis of an ever-changing motive, which has, on the other hand, remained recognizable throughout his work. The artist’s continuous dialogue with the river, made of light and colours of reflecting water mirrors, has created a commons relationship between the nature and the painter’s creative mind. Pleding for absolute independence of the painter’s vision, his expressionistic temperament tends to make endless variations of lirical abstraction. On this wayfrom abstraction to experience, from experience to the realization of the vision, there is a meticulous elaboration of the well-known motivethrough various media techniques. This is how he made many of his media paintings:drawings, oil paintings, pastels and watercolours all in honour of one particular landscape. Andrich’s recurrent theme is important to all his works and its realization observe of fine art and aesthetic’s aspect is a unique phenomen in our contemporary art.
    As guest Russian’s home in Belgrade, Andrich present’s series of recently made watercolours - his favourite technikue, by which he is widely known as one of the best masters in our country. These watercolours are made of abstracts transparency characterized by a chromatic balance of harmony and contrast, which leads to the creation of intimate poetic sounds. Each of the sounds has its innate rhythm which subtly dynamizes the surface, suggesting endless calm movements. The new paintings refer to a spiritualized strength poetic imagination, creating highly individual works, unlimited and infinite in their scope. In addtion, the tanqible lyrical sensibility permeates Andrich’s paintings. From there the dialoque with a spectator is unintentional and subtile, but Andrich’s action is impenetrable at a first glance. It seeks attention, trust and observation and it is only then that a modest-sized painting enriches the spectator with a multi-layered beauty of pure art.“


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