Yalçın Varnalı

    Yalçın Varnalı was born in Adapazarı, Turkey, in 1966.
    Being focused on long exposure seascapes and landscapes, he tries to find simple, almost minimalistic compositions. He tries to create photographs that leave ample room for the imagination, and a considerable amount of space for the viewer to fill with his or her interpretations.
    Since 2007, he is fascinated from the concept of recording ‘consecutive moments’ in time, so from this year, he only makes photographs with 'long exposure' technique. His aim is not to capture reality as we all can see or experience and these types of images display surreal scenes in which the eye is unable to see without the aid of such a technique.
    Actually, he lives in İstanbul, in a city sometimes melancholic, but mostly chaotic. He always loved the sea, the coast, open spaces and simple materials. He is fascinated by empty places with weird atmospheres. When he photographs the sea, he never tires of listening the sound of waves and wind. He thinks that' an isolation, a therapy and an escape from the chaos of the big city.
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