I was born and  raised in the great city of Athens in 1945 and have been drawing from a very early age. The cultural influence of Greek history and legacy is revealed in much of my work. 
    Color and shape were always of great interest and a challenge to me. The world of painting transported me from one style to another and I have tried my hand at the different styles of most of the masters. Light and shadow were also of interest to me both through artwork and the world of cameras. 
    In 1978 I immigrated to Israel and since 1990 I have been living and working in Ra’annana. I am a member of the International Association of Art.
    A quick glance is sufficient for me to look into what I see and reach into the depths of the image. From this glance the colors and shapes are dispersed within me and from them I create my own emotional interpretations and formations.

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