Born 15.December 1953 in Vienna, Austria
    Since 1974 I worked as a legal adviser and studied law at the University of Vienna
    Artworks since my college days, paintings and textile works
    Between 2006 to 2009 textile workshops with textile artist K.V. Balakrishnan in TASARA Center for Creative Weaving in Beypore, Kozhikode.
    2007 Exhibition in “TIME” Gallery in Vienna, textile art, wall-hangings
    2008 Studio in Retz, a small historic city near Vienna surrounded by vineyards
    2009 Group Exhibition with the Kozhikode Painter`s Club to highlight the horror of terrorism, Lalithakala Academi, Trissur
    2011 Group Exhibition Soul’s Gallery, Benaulim, Goa

    Travelling is a part of my life and I am fascinated especially from Asia. 
    In the moment I like to use soft pastel pigments, sometimes black ink and also watercolours. 
    Pastel techniques can be challenging since the medium is mixed and blended directly on the working surface. Pastel errors cannot be covered the way a paint error can be painted out. Pastel paintings, being made with a medium that has the highest pigment concentration of all, reflect light without darkening refraction, allowing for very saturated colors. (Wikipedia)
    I am spraying my works with a fixative to prevent deterioration or smudging, but the works should be properly mounted and framed under glass in a way that the glass should not touch the artwork.

    Current motto:
    In this chaotic world, my actual concern is to try to integrate the many existing antagonisms, conflicts or ulterior motives; because all these divergent energies are building the background of our lives and our world.
    I feel that everybody should be encouraged to be creative and express herself/his self through artworks.  For me it is always a joy to arrange exhibitions in co-operation with other artists.

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