After completing art school many moons ago, I left my creative pursuits behind to get a “proper job”. Being thoroughly miserable and cranky in the world of work, I began to channel this frustration into painting, and started creating imagined landscapes based on my memories of growing up in an impoverished northern mill town.

    I started exhibiting in local art galleries, around Oxfordshire and the Home Counties and gained representation with various online galleries. All of this original series of painting were sold and are in private collections. In 2008 I was invited to become a member of the historic Oxford Art Society.

    My work has since developed, from expressionistic and surreal landscapes, to my latest series of contemporary figurative paintings. This branch of work originated in sketches of everyday domestic drudgery, emerging as the Mad Cat Woman collection, featuring me and my two fat cats. Other themes and subject matter followed using this colourful, contemporary style, ranging from imagined whimsical workplaces to memories of childhood bogeymen, creating playful and vibrant scenes.

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