I was born on 05.05.1982 in Sofia. I graduated high school, in "Business and Finance" at the 56th School "Professor Konstantin Irechek." Higher education, I completed a BA at the South "West University" Blaoevgrad, in "Psychology". Currently studying for a master's degree from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "," Communication: language, literature, and media. "

    For me, the photography is something incredible, something that makes you think about the little things, the details that fail to notice every day. Professional photography not only requires quality equipment, some unique footage achieved quite spontaneously and "professional equipment" will not help if we do not know how to capture moments, sometimes lasting only seconds, seconds that distinguish the generic from the professional photographer! Far be it from me that I am a professional photographer, I  just read, experiment and develope my skills and knowledge whenever I can ...

    My favorite genres of photography are landscape and street photography. In landscape photography I strive to show the beauty and scale of nature. I like to include in their compositions people who serve to compare the scale of nature. On street photography - in increasingly hectic and stressful daily life I try to show movement and small details that many of us miss ignored. I love the risk which, in my opinion, is a premise for the perfect shot!

    I have won a few contest, which is my best experience so far: * Gold Medal in the category of Free Competition FIAP, Photovacation 2011 * Winner in the category "Landscape", the choice of people in the competition of 1x. com * Organizer of the Charity Exhibition Association "Children with onco-hematologic diseases" in the administrative area of the Renaissance, Sofia Municipality. * Participated in a charity exhibition in gallery "Bulgaria" concert hall complex Bulgaria * Fourth place in the contest of "Theme" for the photo reportage "Anything that connects us" * Published in the Totally Cool Pix. com * Participant in exhibitions Photo Forum * First place in the photo "The man next to me" 2012 * published in AA Travel Magazine

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