Valentin Milushev was born in Bulgaria, country filled with natural beauty and purity.
    Currently lives at the US, working as an Attorney-at-Law, his career fully complements his love and passion for painting.

    Valentin Milushev paints from an early age - starting with a huge mural /style saecco / when he was five years old. The first steps in painting makes by his father and his teacher in primary school by developing his potential as a drawer. Later discovers the magic of painting with oils. Graduated in Bulgaria, he attends numerous classes and seminars. For a long time he works as a landscape artist, but specializing in marine and battle paints.

    Tremendous impacts on his work have the Russian and Dutch Royals Painting Schools. He became fascinated by the work of Shishkin, Ayvazovski, Willem van de Velde /father and son/, Yulis Noel, Frederic Edwin Church /from the “Hudson River School”/, and others.

    He visits many Museums and Galleries in Europe and North America and for a long time studied the nature in Europe, USA and Canada - oceans, seas /incl. Black sea and Aegean Sea/, waterfalls and dams. He spent long time studying the Mountains in Europe and North America.

    In his work seeks to match the style of the old schools of Romanticism and the Renaissance, through a new and contemporary look, adhering strictly to the precise ornamentation of the old masters of painting.

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