I began my artistic life at Herts College of Art and Design in St Albans, Herfordshire. My principle interest has always been in drawing, photography and printmaking. Having earned a living for some years in television, my husband and I decided that we wanted to change our lives and concentrate on our artwork. We moved to Norfolk in 1995 to set up our own studio, in which he paints in one half and I have my etching press in the other.
    My work is based on my interest in gardens, the human form, history and landscape, and on the places I visit on my travels. Thus my subjects range from the British Isles, Africa, Australia and South America to Iceland and the Antarctic. Remote, strange and forgotten places intrigue me. I love ruins - their rusting, crumbling hulks slowly being reclaimed my nature. And nature itself is endlessly fascinating. 
    I work in pastel, printmaking and computer-generated montage (based primarily on my drawings married to my photographs and given a lot of treatment in Photoshop.) The photomontage work is professionally printed on a high resolution printer. However I want the work to turn out determines which medium I chose. 
    My hand printed editions are small. This is in part down to the collagraph plates, which are constructed from cardboard, and other materials such as tissue paper and glue. The plate is sealed, inked up and printed onto dampened printing paper on an etching press. The plate gradually deteriorates due to the materials used to construct the plate gradually being flattened by the roller on the press. Only consistently crisp, good quality prints are acceptable.

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