I was born in Northumberland in 1973, and spent most of my childhood in the North East of England.
    From a very early age I had shown natural ability to draw and paint. I excelled in art-related subjects, always gaining top grades throughout school and college.

    Now living and working in Cornwall as a professional artist surrounded by stunning scenery, unspoilt fishing ports is an inspiration every day.

    I produce my work in many mediums but prefer acrylics or oils for their strength of colour and versatility. Subjects to include sea, landscapes, portraiture and figurative.

    My influences are from the cubist art movement, one of the most significant art movements of the twentieth century. Cubist founders Picasso and Braque reduced their subjects to basic geometric forms, rejecting the traditional philosophy that art should copy nature. I have studied this form and adapted the style to suit the environment I find myself in.

    My contemporary pieces are purely influenced by the light, colour, movement, and history of Cornwall. I take all these properties and transfer them with the mood on to paper or a canvas.

    My paintings have been sold internationally and my work has been added to many private collections.

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