Is an artist with over 40 years experience who paints and draws in all styles, the way he wants without restriction and having recently exhibited in London at the Other Art Fair as a top 100 emerging artist, in his mid Fifties, he is receiving some renewed interest and sales as a re-emergent artist from his regular and new collectors alike.

    "As a Contemporary abstract artist, working in oils mainly and a colourist to boot, I will fuse any genre and put it into my work which often contains vibrant colour and forms from the brash to the subtle, some works are distinctive, individual or part of a series exploring ' issues ' I find valid. 

    More recently he has been experimenting with re-visiting the idiom of Psychedelia and to a lesser extent Pop Art..a period he lived through and combining 'amended' recognised forms with inspirations from Cesar Manrique., Miro, Delaunay, Kandinsky, Bracht, De Kooning, Picasso and Dali to name a few. He also dabbles in 'Message art'.

    "The journey continues - old art does not die - it gets reborn".

    Any and all commissions considered.
    Limited Edition prints are now coming on stream.

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