Tony Berkman   ................ Artist Statement .... June 2013

    My paintings are predominately about exploring the colours, movement and atmosphere of urban living and are realised mainly through the use of acrylics combined with different mediums. I prefer, wherever possible to make my own stretchers and have recently worked on a series of larger scale paintings. Combining craft and art in the process of producing a finished work has been a challenging and satisfying experience.

    Much of my earlier painting involved the use of what I call a “reducting” process; applying multiple layers of single colours and during the drying process removing varying areas of some of these layers.

    I have continued to work on the theme of urban or city living and am constantly encouraged by the almost limitless range which this offers as inspiration for my artistic expression. I often draw on real-life events, such as the disturbances of August 2011 in many of the UK’s cities as well as imagination and observations accumulated over a number of years living and working in an urban environment, as well as extensive travel.

    I try to develop my ideas through the process of painting itself and consider this process to be a valuable tool for developing future works and an essential element of expressing my vision of urban life.

    I also enjoy working with printmaking, ceramics and sculpture, some of which can be viewed on my website,, which is currently undergoing major restructuring.

    I completed my degree in Fine Art in June 2012, studying at the University of Middlesex, London. I have held a number of solo exhibitions and currently have one of my paintings exhibited at the Tower Bridge Gallery, London, as part of an ongoing competitive show which runs until late November 2013.

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