Is a travel and landscape photographer from Victoria, Canada. His main objective is to capture beautiful and inspirational moments in time at some of the most amazing places on Earth. His travels have taken him to a diversity of places such as China, Thailand, Colombia, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, several locations in the US, Cambodia plus many others.

    He has been involved with art and playing musical instruments since being young, however, photography is his main passion. He loves to visit and capture grandiose scenes with vivid colours but his goal is to show the world far more than just iconic locations. On Vancouver Island, where he lives, Thomas has diligently searched for and found locations out in the forests and mountains that no other photographer has ventured to and these photos are part of his 'My Secret Paradise' series.

    Many people comment how there's a spiritual, relaxing appeal to many of his photos and this is reflective of his inner nature. He loves the outdoors, promotes a healthy lifestyle and hopes that people feel a sense of joy and peace when viewing his photos.

    Most recently, Thomas had three of his images selected for a gallery tour that is currently showing in major cities across Russia.

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