In my work I mainly focus on animals, both domestic and wild. It is my intention for my paintings to be a celebration of the birds and beasts that I portray.

    It is important to me that my work has a positive impact on the world and this is one of the reasons why I choose brightly coloured backgrounds. It also helps the viewer to just concentrate on the animal depicted and enjoy the character traits of the subject such as a cheeky grin, glint in the eye or general inquisitiveness which many creatures seem to possess. This also reflects my own personality, which I like to think of as cheerful and friendly.

    I find the animal world to be a constant source of inspiration and immortalizing a moment from a creature"s life on canvas is something I will never tire of.

    I have also added sweet treats to my repertoire. I grew up in the eighties so I paint confectionary which stirs up nostalgic emotions in myself. Party Ring biscuits, Drumstick lollys and Curly Wurlys are such examples.

    They feed into my intentions to create bright positive works of art which will hopefully encourage happy emotions in the viewer.

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