There are lots of theories about who Secret Identity is and where he comes from or if it is a she or even a group of people.
    Some say he/she was lost as a child and raised by Monks who only communicated by using a creative art form. Some believe he/she is some form of Super Hero saving the world from mediocre art. Then there are others that just believe it is Prince. 
    What we do know is that Secret Identity is the workings of Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Animator, Illustrator, painter and obsessive compulsive Artist.....John Carden. John has been working in motion graphics since 2008 full time but has always had a passion to do his own art with no restrictions, no briefs just his own ideas and the freedom to do so. 
    Here are some of my favourite theories surrounding my Secret Identity: 
    Has also been known to go by the name of Alias.
    Was born in the Eighties and saw Robocop at the age of 7.
    Only eats eggs, cereal, porridge and cupcakes.
    Is based in the Greater London Area.
    Has a tendency to leave bad smells behind.
    Hates social networks, but has to use them to communicate.
    Loves a good walk.
    Is a big fan of comic book heros and Graphic Novels.
    Fears Clowns and Moths. 
    The most important thing you can know about Secret Identity is he gets his ideas and inspirations from everyday life. From a stranger on the tube, films, random conversations, dreams, as well as trying to stay current and in the moment. He wants his work to make people ask questions and not just have one answer. Wants you to be able to read into his work and relate to it, fear it, laugh at it or at least just like looking at it. This is an insight into a unique creative mind.

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