Painter Savaş Simitli
    He has started painting without any prior training or any academic education, only through his own endeavor. He has in fact reinvented the whole art. This has given him the opportunity to develop his own style in his art. Having been experimented with all the schools of painting so far has provided him the opportunity to master chromatics. Besides, doesn’t art arise from the coherence of chromatic harmony? It is observed that in one period his art, he has produced an illusionist way of savvy without disturbing the integrity in his artwork, by taking surfaces apart as a continuation of the cubist way of understanding. These artwork of his had composed of figures and themes that involve motion. Lately, he has been working intensively on sea waves. These artwork of his are generally in large dimensions. The artist has regularly participated in “artists in arms” exhibitions and his artwork had been in exhibition catalogues. He has donated the income of some of his exhibitions to the benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation, TSK Eğitim Foundation, ADD scholarship students, has been awarded with certificates/plaques of appreciation by these foundations. He has been continuing his practice of art and giving painting courses in Antigone Art House he founded in the year 2006.


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