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    Having previously painted in different styles, my mission now is to concentrate on Nature, which I believe holds everything any artist could wish for in terms of inspiration. It is my quest to capture the stillness, beauty, peace and tranquillity that I believe we all crave in this hectic world and to show viewers that even in a broad landscape, there is so much more to be seen if only we look for it

    Through enhancing colours, depth, perspective and my unique method of detailing, I strive to replicate accurately not only the beauty and grandeur of Nature, but also the tiny aspects of it that normally we do not notice - the unique patterns and variety of colours of rocks, leaves, grasses, mosses and lichens, the reflections on the surface of ice, and so on.


    Hyperrealist Paintings Evoke New Appreciation for Nature

    "Sam Hall embraces sensibilities connected with a movement called hyperrealism, through 
    the way in which he takes artistic liberties, never attempting to literally render an

    exact photographic image. Sam uses photographic reference as a means of
    interpreting nature in a very personal manner, incorporating subtle pictorial
    elements to create a heightened sense of Mother Nature that cannot be seen by
    the human eye ... His work is magical and through his complex stylization of nature, we are
    transported into a dream-like, illusionistic world, packed with diverse
    emotional, social and cultural nuances."
                                                          - Hall Groat II, New York Art Critic.Visual Language Magazine. 

    "Sam Hall's distinctive style of painting, intense palette and ability to evoke depth, space and spirituality bring a vibrant, magical touch to his original paintings, thus vividly expressing the deeper, eternal essence of Nature and giving them 'soul'." - Surrey Life Magazine

    Hyperrealism, although photographic in essence, often entails a softer, much more complex focus on the subject depicted, presenting it as a living, tangible object. These objects and scenes in Hyperrealism paintings and sculptures are meticulously detailed to create the illusion of a reality not seen in the original photo. That is not to say they're surreal as the illusion is a convincing depiction of (simulated) reality. Textures, surfaces, lighting effects, and shadows appear clearer and more distinct than the reference photo or even the actual subject itself.



    Born in Manchester, England in 1936, I had never painted seriously until 2002, when I began to dabble with acrylics. Loved them! Two years later, in 2004, I emerged onto the British art scene with a series of  representational and semi-abstract acrylic works based on places that I had visited during a lifetime of travel and passion for art.  

    It was the beginning of a meteoric artistic career. Within a month of my first exhibition at the North Norfolk Art Centre in April, 2004, I was selected as a finalist in the prestigious British nationwide EAC Art Awards. My original acrylic paintings were later hung at The Business Design Centre in London.  

    In June 2004, I exhibited at Summers Art Loft in my hometown in Dorking, Surrey and twoyear later, in 2006, I was once again selected as a finalist in the British EAC Art Awards and my art was hung in the Mall Galleries in London.

    Shortly afterwards, in September 2006, I held a very near sell-out solo exhibition at Gallery 47, opposite the British Museum in Bloomsbury , London. This was so successful that I was also asked to hang my original paintings in a new VIP Lounge at London  Heathrow Airport . My next solo exhibition, in September 2007  was another major success, this time at the prestigious Leatherhead Theatre in Surrey, UK, at which I exhibited 60+ original acrylic paintings.

    In December, 2009, my painting ""Gaza" was selected by the arts media company, New Art Originals.com to be displayed electronically on a 20ft x 10ft billboard in London.My dilemma after “Gaza” was where to go next. I was not happy with some of the paintings I had created and had become increasingly interested in Realism and Hyperealism.

    I was inspired by painters like Brian La Saga, a Canadian artist who specializes in Nature but I also admire such hyperrealistic artists as J.F.Clauzel, Michael Sass, Conrad Mieschke and William Hagerman, Joe Hush, the New Zealand artist Graham Sydney and Anna Kostenko and the young Serbian painter Veljko Djurjevic , whose paintings of mountains and forests are sublime. So I decided to concentrate on painting Nature in a bid to capture the stillness, beauty, peace and tranquility that I believe we all need in this hectic world.   

    One of my first paintings in this new style, Pebbles at Magdalena Bay, was chosen as a finalist in the national  British EAC Art Awards competition. 1400 paintings from 500 artists were entered and 100 paintings were selected for exhibition at the Royabl Birmingham Society of Artists in May 2011.

    In 2013, two of my paintings (By The Roadside and Punchbowl Lane, Dorking) were selected as finalists in the Patchings Worldwide Open Competition for professional and semi-professional artists and exhibited at Patchings Art Centre, near Nottingham, England.

    My work now hangs in private collections in the UK,  Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy and the United States to name just a few.


    March 2004                  North Norfolk Art Centre, London , UK .
    April 2004                    The Business Design Centre, London , UK . (One painting)
    June 2004                    Summers Art Loft, Dorking , UK . 
    April 2006                    The Mall Galleries, London , UK . (One painting) 
    September 2006           Gallery 47, Bloomsbury , London , UK .
    March 2007                  Diamond Air VIP Lounge, Terminal 3, London Heathrow Airport , UK .
    September 2007           The Leatherhead Theatre, Surrey, UK
    2007                             The Blue Door Gallery, London Bridge, London, UK.
    September 2008            Bankside Gallery, South Bank, London, UK ("What Else Can I Do")
    October-December        The Blue Door Gallery, London Bridge, London, UK. 
    April 2009                     The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-super-Mare, UK
    October 2009                "Gaza" exhibited on gigantic billboard in London and seen by an estimated 180,000 people.
    May -Septemerb 2010   Chartwood Studio,Dorking, UK.
    July, 2011, 2012            Chartwood Studio, Dorking, UK
    June-July, 2013             Patchings Art Centre, Calverton, Nottinghamshire (Two paintings selected among  70 finalists in worldwide annual open competition.