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    I was educated at Moseley School of Art in Birmingham from the age of eleven although I knew I wanted to paint from the age of seven. 
    From there I went to Bretton Hall and that was what drew (and kept) me in Yorkshire. I have run a theatre company, taught special needs 
    and learned West African drumming in Ghana and Senegal, but always painted. Four years ago I decided that I wanted to devote all 
    of my time to painting. I have a studio in Jim Robisons gallery in Booth House, just shy of Holmfirth in Yorkshire. 
    My subjects range from local landscapes to those from Europe and Africa, places I have been to and enjoyed. I also paint still lifes, animals, trees and figures. 
    I try to find a balance between what I see and what I paint using mainly inks and dyes, which give great depth of colour.  The initial idea or image may be a landscape view but once the first mark is 
    made, it becomes a balance between retaining some truth to the subject and pushing the painted image to new ground.   
    The inks and dye I use are emulsion, shellac or water based and I tend to use mainly Diamine inks and Dr. Martins, alongside Pentel and Kuretake brush pens that use dye.  The intensity of the inks and dyes work better for the feelings and sensations that the subject provokes, more appropriate than a palette of drab greys.

    Previous Exhibitions 
    Bretton Hall College-1979 
    Batley School of Art & Design-1980 
    Tulley House Museum, Carlisle-1994 
    The Mill Arts Centre, Oxfordshire 2001 
    GCL Holmfirth-2011 
    Dadabar Sheffield 2012 
    Willow Tree Gallery Holmfirth 2012 
    Clocktower Sheffield 2012 
    Holmfirth Vineyard 2013 
    Dewsbury Museum 2014
    Joe Cornish gallery 2014
    The White Room (York) 2014
    The Calder Gallery (Hebden Bridge) 2014
    Purple Gallery Birmingham 2014

    Pieces at Calder Gallery, Purple Gallery     
    (Birmingham) Willow Tree (Holmfirth), Smart 
    gallery Batley and Gallery 6 (Huddersfield)
    Pieces in private collections in the U.S., Europe and Australia. 
    Private and organisational commissions including Kuretake UK.