I have painted for many years as a hobbyist and I originally started out painting dogs, horses and landscapes. Over the past 15 years or so I have experimented in trying many styles and ‘isms’ of painting only without the aid of any recognised education grade.  A few years ago I discovered Abstract art and started to experiment with the movement and exploring its many forms; it was only a year ago when I really made a conscious effort to take things much more seriously.

    I am a “colour-purist” and I use Abstract Expressionism as the vehicle to transport the audience into my world within the four walls of the canvas frame. To me it is complete expressionism; it is purity of formation. Painting this way is a creation of the spiritual that comes from my heart, creating objects but not concrete-objects and the use of colours in such a way to create movement and harmony. The common elements of my work include tonal values of colour, with the inclusion of rich and pure pigments. Each piece is built up through layers of glazes with suspended pure colour between the layers; all encompassing to create depth, movement and emotion.  My work applies some the fundamental principles set by the original artists from the early twentieth century Abstarct Expressionist movement. 

    My aim is to produce thought provoking art that stimulates interest leaving the narrative to the individual. I want you to see the evolution of nature in my work created by colour and form.

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