I have been painting in oil on canvas and board for nearly twenty years in an realist style with a impressionist flair! I love to paint 'plein air' mostly landscapes, marine scenes, gardens and still lifes.  I have also added water color as a medium and finding that it reacts well to my style of painting!  Also, acrylic painting is also another medium that I paint with and so I am proficient in oil, watercolor and acrylic!  I have been certified as an Grumbacher Acrylic Painting Instructor in the Michaels stores and am conducting artists workshops currently in Hadley, MA, West Springfield, MA and Enfield, CT.

    I love the feel of the oil paint as it goes on the canvas and the texture of paint which attracts the eye. Brush strokes which reveal the texture of the paint highlight my love for the medium of oil paint. Contrasts in values with appropriate colors also are important in conveying the beauty of the scene which I hope will be a source of refuge and a higher spiritual plane for the viewer. Art should be a place that elevates the spiritual and brings joy and comfort to the viewer and I paint with that in mind. 

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