Richard Heley is a fine art painter, international performance poet, songwriter and storywriter/teller. His paintings are represented in collections around the world. Richard was born in England, but grew up in Australia, where the egalitarian ethos and brilliant light affected his subject matter and strong colour sense. He graduated from Melbourne College of Education. Richard now lives and works in London. Over the last few years Richard has painted more than 50 murals working interactively with children.

    The art critic Nicholas Usherwood said of Richard's paintings:..."Performance painting, poetry slam champion, interactive art with young children, song writing - such activities are not the normal profile of a committed and intensely serious-minded and hugely prolific artist, but then Richard Heley's whole creative career has not followed any remotely conventional pattern...over the last ten years or so as he has slowly started to focus on his own rather than his more collaborative artistic activities, reflects this extreme unconventionality. Frequent return visits to Australia, travels through the islands of Indonesia alongside the liberating impact of working closely with children and writing and performing poetry, has resulted in work teeming with rich and exuberant imagery, bold, painterly touches and brilliant colour - Gauguin meets Chagall meets Sidney Nolan - with English restraint and reticence nowhere to be seen, thank goodness!"

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