I graduated from the highly prestigious Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall, Uk in 1998 and haven't stopped painting since. I have been involved in numerous joint and solo shows and Art Fairs in London on Kings Road, Chelsea and at Windsor race course. 

    My Paintings are born from a collection of drawings, photos or memories collected from the gardens, beaches and landscapes mainly in Cornwall. Sometimes I just perch on the edge of a cliff, just 5 mins drive from my house, and paint. I draw and collect information and either totally execute the painting on site or take it back to the studio and push the ideas further. Once I understand my subject through my investigations I like to work energetically and spontaneously, without pre-concieved ideas, encouraging expression to flow. 

    My work is currently all about making an organisation out of something quite chaotic and muddled such as the hedgerows this summer in Cornwall which were abundantly floriferous year or making sense of the inner life beneath the surface of the beautiful and ever changing rock pools on the beaches all around the area I live, and as ever i will be drawn back to the energy of the sea, the patterns each wave forms and the energy it creates and then inspires.

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