Since graduating from Chelsea School of Art in 1991, I have exhibited extensively in London, the UK and internationally. My distinct style of work has grown enormously in popularity and I have been published by the Art Group, Rosenstiels and CCA Galleries who distribute my work world wide.

    The imagery is derived from a carefully selected narrative, a short story, poem or extract from which I gain inspiration. My work is not illustrative of that text, but freely interprets it and delights in the re-telling, the sentiment or idea. I explore dimensions, pattern and composition through drawings before presenting my view. The women are self assured and provocative and often convey an inner strength suggested within the text. Naturally, through my inspiration, the paintings have a sense of narrative within them and are thoughtful or seductive, with a timeless quality. 

    Through my yearly solo shows I have built up an extensive number of loyal clients. I also works to commission, working for large companies and private clients alike. I currently live and work in London where the majority of my exhibitions are held.

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