Pip's delicate and detailed portraits of animals are painted in watercolour or oil paints, using the finest brushes and thousands of tiny strokes to portray the animal's true likeness and to capture their individual characteristics, the texture of their fur and the shine in their eyes. Self-taught in the beginning, she took classes in traditional English miniature portrait painting and also gained an HND in Fine & Applied Arts with Distinction. Today she concentrates mostly on painting exquisitely-detailed portraits of animals: dogs and horses make up the majority of her commissions but she is happy to take on any challenge!

    The miniaturist technique of applying layers of tiny dots and strokes of pure watercolours to build up the image appeals to Pip’s natural instinct for detail. It enables her to capture the spirit and likeness of her subjects in a way which many clients have found very moving and her portraits, often given as birthday or anniversary gifts, are treasured by their owners.

    To give you an idea of the process of commissioning a portrait and how the paintings are made, please click on this link to watch a fascinating four-minute video of ‘The Painting of Woody’: 


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