Peter lives in Melbourne and has been involved with photography virtually all his life. Inspired by his mother who was an industrial chemist and amateur photographer, Peter started out in his pre-teens with 35mm monochrome. He did all his own processing and darkroom work and then progressed to working with Agfa colour slide film.

    Peter switched to digital in 2005 and then joined a camera club and has since been actively involved in both national and international competitions where he has had hundreds of international acceptances and has won a number of awards including a gold, silver and bronze medals. Peter tends to enter mainly international competitions these days and has just under 1000 acceptances in the 5 years he has been competing.

    Peter is a keen traveller, especially to places a bit off the beaten track, and a lot of his images involve travel photography, usually associated with landscapes, nature and people. Not content with that Peter also does a lot of creative work on images and about 30% of his international awards come from creative and experimental images.

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