Painting and drawing have been Pat´s passion since early childhood. Pat is mostly self-taught, now painting professionally in oils or acrylics on canvas or canvas boards. Commissions welcome.
    He loves the old masters such as John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough, B.C. Koekoek, and Claude Monet, as well as Salvador Dali, to name but a few. Pat has also learnt from Terry Harrison, Paul Talbot Greaves and Barrington Barber, who have all added new techniques to his repertoire.
    Pat often uses his own photographs and his experience together with personal memories to create his impressions of a landscape. He quite enjoys painting en plein air as well. His favourite subjects are the coast and country of Devon and Cornwall. 
    Pat has taken up painting full time, attending exhibitions in England and Germany. In 2013 he was presented with the Judges Award.

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