Moroccan artist painter

    Omar GOURANE, painter born in 1963 Beni Mellal, life and work in Safi. Since childhood he was attracted by the design that gave gradually the desire to explore all its expressions. His first step towards abstract painting was guided by the spirit of design and taste of the movement. Painting became a real need for it. Sensitivity for painting allows him to unleash his imagination by releasing energy to convey his emotions. The pleasure of being in front of a blank canvas, to improvise a composition are pleasant moments in his workshop.

    My approach :
    If art is a way to express ideas, and also a means of cultural communication. I find myself comes to artistic research that I want to express my painting, and transform a set of pictorial scenes lyric . And thus meet certain aesthetic need to stimulate the imagination of the observer. My research, always permanent shaded colors to the extreme, I work with a mixed technique. I paint and sketch without prior instinct. It is through spontaneous gestures that express my emotions of the moment on canvas. Always been very sensitive to colors and blends in their choice are important, I like to work bright colors that sculpt the canvas , then move to darker tones to give keys perspective , depth and vibrance . The peculiarity of my work consists of mixing and layering colors to get the desired effect. For improvised partitions that gives joy to the heart . Inspired advantage of several major artists painter of abstract impressionism, total freedom in my emotions and my gesture .

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