"Olivier Baretella is an Italian painter of Vicenza, who was born in 1969. Self-taught, has been able to fill the absence of academicism, with so much passion and dedication for painting, and creativity in general. Figurative painter, but that often when he can, takes the art escapes informal, coming to join sometimes distant areas. His works, which are a summary of a long conceptual and mental labor, and the result is a kaleidoscope of content and elements linked together. She loves to represent the beauty and the ugliness of our times, sometimes marking aspects of social protest and ethics. He was selected for an International Biennial of Florence,Worldonlineart, and some national Exhibitions of Art and has participated in various group and solo Exhibitions. Combine sometimes at the painting personal tales, embellishing and completing the works with his lyrics or short stories.In his research style, he experimented with various materials obsolete, even as shards of mirrors, glues and silicones with amazing effects and 3D relief. Also recently used fluorescent paints, which allow the framework when well lit, then to shine in the dark. He also executed many mural paintings in public and private sectors"

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