Olivia Alexander is an award-winning Australian artist who works with mixed media to create expressionist paintings. Her work has appeared in group exhibitions as well as solo and joint shows in Australia, Italy, France, USA and Dubai. 
    She has received bronze and pewter medal diplomas from the Society of Arts, Sciences & Letters (ASL) in Paris in 2012 and 2014 and also a silver medal and diploma from the prestigious Academy of French International Merit & Devotion (MDF) in June 2014.
    In October 2011 Olivia Alexander’s artworks were successfully exhibited at the juried, Salon d’Automne in Paris and she will be exhibiting in Paris in 2015. 
    ‘Oceans of Oz’ will open 1 December at Galerie Art et Miss. 
    Olivia’s work is inspired by the natural world: the rich, red sand of outback Australia, patterns on a tree trunk left behind by peeling bark or the colours of a sunrise playing across the rock faces on the escarpment where she lives. Olivia hopes to communicate a place, time or memory that sparks a connection between her art and the viewer. 


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