Michael Patrick Coll is the first son of a large Irish family and spent his early years in England before moving to Australia with the family when he was ten years old. He was educated in Melbourne, worked his way through university and spent many years working as an educator, consultant and advisor with disadvantaged groups before turning to painting in 2001. 

    Michael’s work evokes a sense of the natural environment through intuitive, sensitive and powerful expressive statements and is influenced by abstract expressionist painters. Michael works with blends and contrasts, exploring the interplay of colour, line and texture to bring the viewer to another plain, aiming to alert the senses and fire the imagination. His work is an emotional response to the environment and encourages the viewer to feel rather than see this. 

    Recently Michael completed further studies in fine art at RMIT in Melbourne and used these studies to explore new media and techniques to enhance his work.

    Michael speaks through is work in many different voices, through pure abstraction to more figurative works, with the focus on expressing his emotional response to the environment rather than presenting a pictorially accurate rendition of the scene and thus encouraging the viewer to respond to the work in their own personal way.

    Michael has developed a reputation for quality, expressive and beautiful works that have sold consistently since his first exhibition in 2004. He has delivered commissions to clients in Europe, Middle East and Australia since 2006.

    Exhibitions & Events

    •April 2004 Hepburn Springs Swiss/Italian Landscape Art Prize – Honourable Mention

    •April/May 2004 Daylesford Art Shop Gallery 

    •June-July 2004 The Pantechnicon Gallery – Daylesford

    •October 2004 “Artists for Sudan” Art auction Daylesford

    •February 2005 The Pantechnicon Gallery – Daylesford

    •April 2005 Melbourne Affordable Art Show

    •May 2005 Gallery M South Melbourne, International Image Framers South Yarra

    •February 2006 Tusk Gallery South Yarra

    •2007-09 Little Mallop & Metropolis Galleries Geelong

    •July – October 2009 Gallery on Sturt – Ballarat Group Exhibition

    •2009 –current Consigned Artist The Convent Gallery Daylesford

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