Melanie is a self taught artist living in Nottingham. Working in her studio she paints in both oils and acrylics. Her work is varied from free-forming dramatic seascapes and landscapes, through to emotional skies and vibrant abstracts, focusing on the raw and sheer beauty of space and nature.
    Mel loves to paint on large canvases using big brushstrokes, blending with sponges, ignoring technicalities, and trusting in her intuition. Her work is full of movement, depth, space, and intensity; her choice and blend of colours are solely determined by her mood. 
    For Mel, the brushes do the work. Her mind zones out when she is at the easel. Art is her medium for expression.
    The biggest compliment for Mel is when someone connects with her work.
    Her pieces can be found in private collections around the world, and in various galleries in the Midlands.

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