The talented artist, Mauri Virtanen, of Finnish and Ecuadorian descent, is the recipient of numerous awards throughout South America and Europe, where he is well-recognized for his talent, many of the beautiful works of art are exhibited throughout Ecuador and Romania, his paintings are in public and private collections worldwide.
    His preferred subjects to paint are: horses, birds, wildlife or flowers, Mauri’s mission is to capture the beauty of nature and the everyday life in its most natural setting. In each of his masterpieces he strives to captivate its audience and to create a conversation between its viewer and the work of art, each painting can be linked in a jigsaw puzzle, composed of various parts.
    The sky may be painted from a specific image that comes to mind. The subject/subjects of the painting may be derived from a mental image, or from an individual or series of photographs. Each part is intricately “woven together” bringing the painting to life with the intentional and precise use of color and shape, creating a natural rhythm and movement throughout the piece.
    Ultimately, it is his intention to create a work of art that will leave a lasting impression on its audience.
    Mauri’s fascination with the human being drives him to paint portraits, his intention is to capture both the physical and the physiological image of the subject he is painting.
    Mauri resides in Quito, Ecuador

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