Matthew Scott has been selling art since the last millennium. Since beginning in 1999, he has successfully maintained his status as an established artist for well over a decade, selling countless pieces to fans around the world.
    Although Matt was raised in an artistic family with a painting lineage going back many generations, he still proudly considers himself a self-taught and self-made painter. Matt paints in acrylics, oils and various forms of mixed media to great effect; often using the full gamut of colors, giving many of his paintings a wondrous, rainbow-like quality.
    In more recent years he has extended his reach toward creating richly textured palette knife paintings which have been enthusiastically welcomed by his fans, as well as developing several distinct styles of modern abstraction, any of which might confidently stand among the finest in the genre.
    Over the years, Matt has enjoyed his artistic journey, often embracing as many differing styles of art as possible. He may immediately jump stylistically from something very playful and childlike to the moody, dark and morose in an instant, and both would seem to be his signature styles. 
    Through his years of study, he emerges as an extraordinarily prolific, masterfully skilled and multi-versed painter who is highly capable of following any muse that may blow across his canvas on any given day. 
    Each piece is created to grab the immediate attention of the viewer, and reel them in with a sense of wonder. 
    Matt truly creates art for art's sake. He hardly wishes to try and change the world, much less attempt to master it. He simply wants to create great art that is true, honest, and straight from the heart.

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