I spontaneously paint the emotions of my soul without a specific plan or sketches.  

    In doing so I try to be faithful and honest to the shapes I see and feel in my mind, which are derived from passions, pains and memories of the past that may be light or dark. 

    Early in my career I painted the human figure exclusively, representing these emotions more literally. My images have now evolved into broader expressionistic and poetic forms. I hope that people who view my work will recognise and embrace their own deepest passions and emotions of feeling, living, and loving. 

    My technique is based on the dynamic composition of colours and shapes. Many of the works are oil on canvas, pastel and watercolour. Recently I have been working with acrylics, using spatulas, wooden sticks and rakes to create shapes and dimensional textures. I am experimenting with creating three-dimensional works with a variety of traditional and unexpected resources that I find within my reach. 

    My major influences have been the free and daring expressions of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock and Basquiat. They fought for what they believed and loved, defended their way of creating and using colour in a fluid and harmonious way.


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