As a portrait photographer in the late 90s, Mark Myhaver was one of the first in that field in the New England area to embrace digital imaging and incorporate it into his business. By 2001 Mark started shooting with digital cameras and has never looked back.

    Mark served on the board of directors of the Maine Professional Photographers Association and as its president in 2000. The relationships developed through the MPPA and other professional photography associations, enabled him to not only hone his own skills but those of others as well. By organizing and conducting seminars with the help of Fujifilm USA and other industry partners, Mark continued to share and promote the benefits of digital photography. Within a few years, Mark had closed his studio in Portland, ME and continued working with other studios in New England as a digital photography consultant.

    Mark Myhaver relocated to Arizona in 2010 and refocused his photography to create fine art images with his love of landscape, nature, wildlife, scenic and a range of photography that serves to satisfy his passion and hopefully bring joy and happiness to others.

    In Mark’s own words, "It has been a blessing to me, to be able to see beauty in the natural world we live in and to be gifted with a way to present that beauty to others. If I can put a smile on your face, elicit feelings of peace, happiness, joy, kindness, awe or otherwise move you in some positive way through my photography, I have served my divinely gifted talent and passion well. It is my desire that others may enjoy my images as much as I do in creating them.”

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