Artist Biography

    DerbyshireArtist.Mandyisaselftaughtartistandhasbeendrawingandpainting since a young age. Her art has been nurtured over the years with the encouragement of her family. Her grandfather Roy would teach her to draw little faces on a piece of paper. Her family and friends would request a drawing or painting,. Mandy would never be far from a doodle or even a wall at home would become her canvas. As she herself became a youngmotherherartisticpassionwouldcontinueandherdrive tobedrawingand painting would continue until the early hours of the night . In 1997 Mandy studied the HistoryofArt andthisfuelledherinterestinart furthermore.

    Mandy’s art covers a wide range of subject inspired by life, light and the changing elements displayed passionately in her paintings.

    Since 2009 has concentrated on Landscape and Seascape and in 2012 her most recent of subject include portraiture. Her latest series of portraits are works in progress some not yet revealed and are a blend of symbolism, realism and Surrealism.

    Artist Statement

    Her Dreamy Landscapes and Seascapes are Impressionistic with an unusual blend of expressive colour variation taking inspiration from Monet, Turner and Van Gogh, Hockney and Matisse. Her paintings have been described by the viewer as beautifully ethereal and that of a Colourist painter. The artist is fascinated with the changing elements of light through the day, the seasons, colour and nature.

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