As a youth Luke Engle was drawing all the time.  Lacking skill but brimming with passion and imagination he’d patiently spend long hours at work.  After collegiate art studies he quickly flourished under the tutelage of successful contemporary artists, winning awards and exhibiting in reputable galleries around Michigan. Five originals sold within a month of signing his first gallery contract.  NBC 7&4 News interviewed Luke, featuring his work on broadcast television.  The times were tough.  Art stopped selling..  A full-time job and other responsiblities took priority.  Taking up landscape photography as a creative outlet Luke kept his dream alive, subsequently compelling him to return to his studies.  His understanding of visual art increased greatly during this time. 
    In 2014 Luke came back to life, being  awarded in over thirty international exhibitions. In 2015 he’s still making strides, winning international awards, featured in Studio Visit Magazine, interviewed by BlogTalk Radio’s “An Artist Speaks,” and finalist in the current TOPTEN International Art of Contemplation Competition hosted by ARTROM Network of Rome, Italy.  Steadily on the rise Luke Engle is capturing the attention of visual art enthusiasts worldwide. 

    Art Philosophy 
        Everything we see is essentially light.  Depending on the aspect of that light what we see can appear dramatically different though the object or environment remains unchanged.  Applying the concept I look at the world in a new way and relate these interpretations by means of visual art. 

    Galleries/Exhibited- Art Design Consultants, ARTROM Network, Art Reach Gallery, Arlington Artists’ Alliance/Gallery Underground, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Colors of Humanity Online Gallery, Exhibeo, Four Points Contemporary, Leading Artists' Online Gallery, Light Space and Time Online Gallery, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Richeson 75, Upstream People Gallery, and more.

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