As a wilderness photographer, I aim to capture the diversity of natural landscapes this planet offers. I am driven not simply by the abstract notion of capturing “natural beauty,” but more narrowly and specifically, by the composition, texture, and light of natural scenes. Moreover, I find great joy in focusing on elements (water, sand, flora, etc.) within landscapes that provide striking uniqueness.

    In pursuing these shots, I seek to uncover commonalities and differences between the world’s various deserts, forests, mountains, and a range of other diverse natural landscapes. For that reason, I am less preoccupied with the countries, states, or geographic regions in which they are found. Ultimately, my objective is to build a portfolio showcasing the profound heterogeneity of the natural world.

    Photography has played an incredible role in my life both as an avenue for artistic expression and for my desire to serve as a responsible steward to our planet’s natural resources. I hope these photographs can begin to at least remotely illustrate for you the same beauty and majesty that I witness as I capture them.

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