Lisa was born in 1971 in Farnham, Surrey. She has a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from the University for the Creative Arts in 1995.

    After a break of many years she returned to painting in 2009 and was immediately chosen to appear in the opening exhibition of Life the Gallery alongside Mark Demsteader and other internationally renowned artists. Her work has received critical acclaim in many international publications and has been selected for inclusion within curated exhibitions and collections at The Saatchi on-line Art Gallery. She has exhibited throughout the UK

    Lisa received the honour of the Dalai Lama signing two of her portraits on his visit to the UK in 2012. These were later auctioned with the proceeds being donated to the Buddhist Community Centre UK.

    Lisa has established a wonderful working studio in her home town of Farnham in Surrey. There she has covered a diverse range of subject matter and developed her expertise working in oil on canvas and ink on paper. Her love of travel and inspiration in the diversity of humankind has led her to cover a range of fascinating studies from the media fuelled obsession with celebrity culture, to the calm reflective nature of the Dalai Lama.

    “I love to use oil paint as the fluidity of the paint merges and flows to mirror my energy and emotions. I paint people and in particular their faces, as I find this both the most challenging and enjoyable. My paintings seek to capture more than just a photographic image of my subject, but also to include the person’s energy. I paint to express emotion: the emotion and expression of my subject and my reaction to it”

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