My name is Leovigildo Rivera and I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. My first exposure to art was when my grandmother took me on a trip to El Museo De Arte in Ponce Puerto Rico. It was the first time I can remember the world of art really speaking to me, making me feel, and making me move. From then on I was "hooked" into creating and wanting to become an artist.
    I am a self taught artist, for the most part, really analyzing and breaking down the styles of the artist I look up to for inspiration.  I enjoy working with all sorts of medium but what really express my art is painting with coffee. I enjoy this style because of its fluidity and its loose, raw look the style gives to a piece.  It makes me feel like I am home, in Puerto Rico, on a hot, humid day. They give off a very romantic vibe when you look at them. They just take me back to a time I wish I could go back and enjoy again.

    To enquirer about commissioning work, ordering prints, buying an original piece, please contact The Global Art Company.

    "The drive and love to produce art that causes the viewer to feel emotion is what keeps me going and
    its what keeps art pouring out from within. If I am not moved by the piece, how can I expect the viewer to
    be moved. That type of emotion, caused by visual stimulation, is priceless."

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