Born 1958 In Sweden out in the countryside in Skåne…
    Growing up I was always interested in colour and through the school years I had very good degrees in painting, art and design.
    But I educated myself to a Chef instead because my mother had restaurants and she needed help!
    In my ‘cheffing’ my artistic interest always made me happy and I cooked, catered for lots of weddings,  parties all in an artistic way.
    You do not always need a canvas to create great art.
    In my ‘spare time’ I joined painting classes and drawing classes in Sweden.
    2006 I married Brian and later moved to England where my chance to develop my painting skills came about.
    I joined different classes and I also opened up a Gallery in Jackfield were I promoted lot of artists, which also taught me a lot about Painting.
    I enrolled in a drawing class for one year at TCAT College with Caroline Ali. Caroline is a great teacher.
    I have also painted in a private class with Mike Hatch for one year, my first attempt with oil.
    I am the founder and Chair Person in our local Art Society (Ironbridge Society of Artists) based in Jackfield.
    So today I paint end exhibit in, Bear Steps, Church Stratton Art festival, Much Wenlock the Guildhall, The Edge in Much Wenlock, in Market Drayton and in The Plough Inn in Shifnal.
    I am also exhibiting in on line Galleries, Art galleries in Sweden and UK.

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