Kirsty was born in 1977 and grew up in the Southside of Glasgow. She discovered her love of art at an early age when she was chosen to represent her school in an art week. It was during this week that she found some belief in her painting skills and when the works from that week were exhibited, Kirsty at the age of 15 sold her first painting.

    After school Kirsty decided to live and study in London but after a couple of years of hectic city life she decided that the hussle and bussle was not for her so she returned to Scotland and discovered the joys of surfing and snowboarding. Both these passions have taken Kirsty on many adventures which she feels have been very inspirational for her colourful and atmospheric works.

    Living on the coast and being lucky enough to witness its ever changing beauty is my inspiration to paint. I enjoy exploring different coastlines with my dog and my surfboards taking photographs and making sketches. It is from my own photographs, sketches and memories that I capture the mood and beauty on to canvas or board with acrylics.”

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